Rowan Eli

People who know me know that I adore kids. Especially my nieces and nephews. I have 4 biological niblings (niece and nephews). I also have several other kids that call me Aunt Karleen that are not biological.

Today is my nephew Rowan's 1st birthday. Eli was the name of my mom's dad. I still remember when Rowan was born Titus called us right away. We were talking about the name Eli. Titus was expounding on how much he loved the name Eli. He said "Think about it. It's a three letter word with two vowels! And just listen to it E-li! (dragging out each syllable)." We could tell that Titus already adored Rowan.

What the bib says.

What the bib says.

Rowan loves to be outside. If he's cranky or tired all you have to do is take him outside. He just learned how to give kisses. He isn't walking on his own yet but he loves to hold onto your hands and go exploring. His parents encourage his adventures. He has a very contagious smile. When he gets scared or hurt he has the most heartbroken cry but his mom can always fix it. Last month Rowan and his parents moved onto my little street and I am so incredibly happy about that.

 I love you Rowan.