San Francisco Day 3

Sunday was our last day in San Francisco. We decided to take it slow and drive north along the coast on Route 1. Before we hit the road we tried to go to The Mill in Alamo Square for breakfast. It's a beautiful coffee shop but there was a line out the door. We ended up going down the street to the Bean Bag Cafe. The food was amazing! It felt like a locals only kind of shop. After breakfast and coffee we stopped at a little farmer's market and got some cookies and scones for the road.


First, we tried to go to Muir Woods but parking was impossible so we just drove through and went to our next stop. Muir Beach.

The beach was full of people so we hiked up the hill a ways and settled in for a while. It was a beautiful day even with the clouds. We spent several hours there just journaling and watching the waves. It was a much needed time of rest before going back to work.

Beautiful Nita! The perfect traveling companion.

Beautiful Nita! The perfect traveling companion.


Around 3 that afternoon we were starving and I was craving pancakes. It was a Sunday afternoon so there wasn't much open but we found Bayside Cafe in Sausalito (just north of the bridge) and they happened to serve breakfast all day.


After that we did a little shopping until it was getting close to sunset. Then we tried to see the sunset from our favorite spot at the Marin Headlands Park. It was too cloudy to really see anything but it felt right to finish our trip at our favorite spot.


The sun broke through the clouds for a second.


Monday morning it was back on the plane headed east. 


Reading "Lion" on the trip home. I often go to a bookstore in the airport and buy a book from the best seller list. This one was really good.


All in all, the trip was definitely worth it. Since my flight was free the only major costs I had were half the motel ($130/night) and half the car ($30/day). I got to spend more quality time with Nita. I got to explore San Francisco and some of the Pacific coastline. And I got some much needed time to breath and think and process my life. 

My next trip is to Florida with my friend Carita. I'm going to be gone from Sunday to Thursday. Then from the airport I'm going to REACH in Lancaster. 

I'm excited for some sun and warmth and catching up with friends.